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Langston University NASA Advanced Research in Biology Center


Collaborative Immunology Research for Extended Space Missions

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Space Exploration Immunology Research

Project Description

Natural Countermeasures to Immune Dysregulation

The impact of reduced gravity on cellular function is of intense interest in Human Exploration.  Investigations in literature show that microgravity conditions can cause the human immune system to become dysregulated.  The reactivation of multiple latent viruses was shown to occur in crewmembers during the Space Shuttle missions.    Reactivated latent viruses in crewmembers can be life threatening on extended missions with no quick method for return.

The LUNAR-BC program is deploying research to investigate utilizing natural compounds instead of drugs to combat the effects of microgravity on human immune cells.


Mr. Myshal Morris a LUNAR-BC scholar won 2nd Place at the Oklahoma Research Day at the Capitol in 2018

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